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Arizona Landscape Photography

by: Darwin A. Mulligan


Night photograph of Milky Way with light painted teepee, Petrified Forest.


Night photography of a light-painted saguaro cactus and milky way, somewhere in the Superstition Mountains


Elvis Church, Superstition Mountains


Horseshoe Bend, just south of Page, Arizona.  There were only a couple people here the first time I photographed this place.  Now, it seems like a major tourist destination.


An early morning photograph of a blooming Saguaro cactus in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix.  What attracted me to photograph this particular cactus was the way the cactus looks like a hand offering flowers!


Lower Antelope Slot Canyon just south of Page is a great place to photograph.  There are fantastic compositions every where you look.


One more photograph from Lower Antelope Slot Canyon.  The light was incredible!


Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, only a few minutes drive from Page.  Ropes from the “old days” have been replaced with narrow metal ladders.

Standing on the Corner Winslow Arizona Route 66

This photograph is my Torch Red Z06 Corvette “Standing on the Corner” of Route 66 in Winslow, Arizona.   I had to wait until the sun set low enough that the painted Route 66 sign was in complete shade.  I also had to have someone stop traffic so that I could take the photo.  This photo made the cover shot of “America’s Sports Car” magazine published by the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


An abandoned car on Route 66.  Petrified Forest, Arizona


Arizona’s clear, dry, dark nights lend themselves to night photography.  This photograph captures the Milky Way above Cathedral Rock in Sedona.  A group of people on a UFO watching tour were there at the same time I was – and I actually saw some strange lights in the sky!

Saguaro cactus with red sunset Ironwood National Monument

An iconic photograph of Arizona!   A brilliant red sunset and Saguaro cactus at Ironwood National Monument….. just watch out for Rattlesnakes!

London Bridge Lake Havasu City

London Bridge was dismantled, brick by brick, and re-assembled in Lake Havasu City.

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A light-painted Saguaro cactus at night in the Ironwood National Monument.

Although I never saw any rattlesnakes that evening, I’m sure they were watching me !


Desert Watchtower was designed in 1932 and is located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park


The model with the light on his head had to stay as still as possible for this time exposure photograph of Cathedral Rock in Sedona and the Milky Way galaxy.  The head lamp lit up the green bushes as well as a bit on Cathedral Rock in the Distance.  I call this image “The Truth Is Out There”, and it has won a Merit Award with the Professional Photographers of Canada


Travel photography is not all glamour – sometimes you have to tent it.  On this hot summer night on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, it was a great time to enjoy a Rum’n’Pepsi and enjoy some star gazing.  As I did not have flash to light up the tent (flash would be inside the tent), I used a flashlight and illuminated the outside of the tent.


A good photographer friend of mine from Phoenix made the drive up to Sedona to show me some of his “secret spots” to photograph.  You may recognize him as he is the model in “The Truth Is Out There” photograph.


A nice summer evening at Red Rock State Park in Sedona.  This photograph has Oak Creek in the foreground and Cathedral Rock in the background.

Red sky predawn Monument Valley Arizona

When you get beautiful light like this, it makes it really easy to forget how hard it was to get out of bed so early in the morning!

Classic view of Monument Valley Arizona from the parking lot

This view of Monument Valley is the classic iconic viewpoint.  Yup – right from the parking lot!


This image was captured in the remote area of Toroweap Overlook, located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park.   The Colorado River can be seen 3000 feet below the top of the cliff.


Dot’s Diner in Bisbee

Classic view of Monument Valley
Horse and Rider at Monument Valley at Sunrise


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