Nevada Landscape Photography

by: Darwin A. Mulligan


Lightpainted Cook Bank Building, Rhyolite Ghost Town


An abandoned truck sits forgotten at Rhyolite Ghost Town


Including a highway in the photograph invokes feelings in the viewer of “the Roadtrip”, and the journey.  The highway in this photograph was taken at sunset in Valley of Fire State Park, about one hour north of Las Vegas, not far off Interstate I15


A part of the rock formation looks like a sheep.  I lightpainted this image at night with about a 20 to 30 second time exposure at high ISO so that star points would be visible.  The color in the sky are the lights from Las Vegas, about 60 miles away.


This rock formation at Valley of Fire State Park is called “Elephant Rock” for obvious reasons.

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada

These seven rock towers, called Seven Magic Mountains, are roughly 30 to 35 feet high and are located in the Nevada Desert, just outside of Las Vegas.


This photograph is a 2 hour time lapse exposure to capture the star trails.  The rock formation is lit by a sliver of moon light.  Photograph was captured right outside my tent in the campsite at Valley of Fire State Park


The name of this photograph is “STOP”.  It was taken at the International Car Forest Of The Last Church, Goldfield


International Car Forest Of The Last Church, Goldfield


You don’t have to be a “car guy” to enjoy looking at and photographing all the vehicles located at the International Car Forest Of The Last Church, Goldfield


This black and white image is named “Moon Landing Gone Wrong”.   The landscape looks totally like a moonscape might look.  International Car Forest Of The Last Church, Goldfield


The clouds in this image add drama and mood to the scene.  International Car Forest Of The Last Church, Goldfield

Lightpainted tent and rock formation with star trails nightime timelapse photograph Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

I really liked the holes in the rock formation at the campsite at Valley Of Fire State Park.  The tent was set up with this photo in mind.   It is a 2 hour timelapse photograph.  The flash inside the tent was flashed 6 times on low power to illuminate the tent from the inside.  Star trails  were the result of the 2 hour time exposure.  The rock formation was lit up by moonlight.

Little-Alienn-Area-51-Rachel-Nevada UFO

The Little A’Le’Inn at Rachel Nevada is near the home of Area 51.  Part of the movie “Paul” was filmed here!  Locals have some really good stories to tell about what they have seen.


A towtruck hoists a UFO by the Little A’Le’Inn restaurant in Rachel Nevada. This place is close to Groom Lake, aka Area 51.  Part of the movie “Paul” was filmed at this location.  There is lots of memorabilia inside, including ice cold beer.  I’ve been here numerous times and have not seen any UFO’s or aliens.  The locals, however, have different stories to tell.


This mailbox used to be black, but now is painted white.  This is the road that leads to Groom Lake, aka  Area 51.  If the aliens don’t get you, the government will.  There are sensors all over the place.  Rachel, Nevada

Las Vegas,Nevada

Daytime, Las Vegas


Night time, Las Vegas


Abandoned car with a cactus growing out of it.  Downtown, Goldfield

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