Motor Sports Photography


Contact Darwin Mulligan Photography to capture the moments and document your Motor Sports event. Any time of the year! I have my Accreditation in Motor Sports Photography with PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). Click here to learn about your photographer! Darwin’s technical expertise, creative lighting control, and attention to detail elevates his automotive photography to the next level. His cell number is 780.278.0530 or text him! Click here to contact via email.

Why is Motor Sports Photography important? In short, it preserves history and documents the sport, it promotes the sport to existing and helps to attract future fans. Motor sports photography conveys excitement and drama of the event.

Capture Moments And Action

Photographs are the perfect way to freeze a “moment in time”. It captures and freezes the action and dynamics of the genre – including victories, defeats, crashes, action.

The photo below freezes the “spray of mud” as a quad tries to navigate the mud course at a race in Ryley, Alberta.

Mud Bog Racing, Quad, Mud, Ryley, Alberta

Documentation Of The Event

Photographs from current motor sport events will become a future historical record of the event. It shows the evolution of vehicle technology, and even how the driver’s themselves evolve over time. Images taken today will become iconic images tomorrow of past events.

The photo below was captured during a Castrol Raceway Funny Car Racing Event. A “slower” shutter speed helps accentuate the motion of the vehicle as it goes down the track. How will “funny cars” look in the future? Will they be electric EV’s? Will this just be a sport from by-gone days?

Funny Car races, Castrol Raceway, Alberta, slow shutter speed accentuates motion

Promotion And Marketing

A Professional Photographer, such as Darwin Mulligan Photography, can provide the high-quality images required to promote your motor sports event. Images can be used in various marketing and promotional campaigns. His photographs will help attract more sponsors, encourage existing fans, and introduce new fans to a sport.

The photograph below was captured on the way back home from the Corvette Caravan to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum. I had to make it home by late Thursday night, to download photos, clean gear, and charge batteries for a Saturday wedding. Sunday comes, and I post a few images to FaceBook. Monday morning around 8:00am, the phone rings “Kentucky”… it was the National Corvette Museum asking about my photo and that they would like it on the next issue of “America’s Sports Car” Magazine. They needed it within a couple of hours. Yes, I can help! This is a photo of my C7 Corvette Z06. I waited until the best time of the day to photograph the car. We had traffic stopped for a few minutes while I captured this shot!

America's Sports Car Magazine, Winslow Arizona, Route 66, Standing On The Corner, Corvette, C7, Z06, Supercharged

The speedboat racing photo below shows the helicopter in pursuit. There is another photographer inside the helicopter capturing a “top down” or a super close up view. Drones are also used to capture aerial views.

Speed boat racing, helicopter chasing, Lake Havasu, Arizona

Fan Engagement

Motor Sports Photography can highlight existing fan engagement, and introduce new fans to the motor sport. Fans can connect with the events through stunning images that show emotion and excitement.

The photo below shows an excited fan cheering on “Monster Mutt” at a Castrol Raceway Monster Racing event. This photo was one of the images I used for my MOTOR SPORTS Accreditation with PPOC (Professional Photographer’s of Canada).

Monster Mutt, Monster Truck Racing, Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta

Media Coverage

Photographs are required for media to showcase motor sports events. They accompany news to make the event coverage visually exciting.

The photos below are from a Blackjacks Roadhouse (Nisku, Alberta) event that featured all motorcycles with Harley Davidson being the most popular. This was an incredible event with lots of tasty food, cold drinks, motorcycles, and yes…. TIRE SMOKE! Even if there is no event there, you owe it to yourself to try Blackjacks Roadhouse for the food !

The photography below is from a Burnout competition event at Lakewood GMC, Sherwood Park, Alberta. Contestants take their vehicle to the line and light up the tires!

Sherwood GMC, Tire Burnout Contest, Dodge Truck, Drone, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Technical Appreciation

Motor Sports photography highlights details and technical aspects of racing. It can showcase engineering and design of high performance or racing cars, truck, or motorcycles. It helps viewers appreciate all the work necessary to win races.

The photos below are from Yesterday’s Auto Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. This facility is only open a few days a week and has all sorts of vehicles from antique to muscle cars to trucks to race cars. They even have a small 50’s style cafe for some tasty food! The car below is a 1969 Camaro funny car.

Artistic Expression

In addition for the photographer to have technical excellence to photograph a motor sports event, there is room for the photographer to showcase their artistic work as well.

The photograph below was captured at a Monster Truck event at Castrol Raceway. This image was captured with the dirt bike rider showing off his skills during a high-jump. It was judged ACCEPTED at a Professional Photographer’s of Canada National Salon competition where it competed with images from the best photographers in Canada. The title of the image is “It’s The Landing That Hurts”.

It's The Landing That Hurts, Motocross high jump contest, Castrol Raceway

Memorabilia And Merch

Iconic photos can be used on merch such posters, calendars, Coffee mugs, and clothing.

Photos below were captured at Laguna Seca Raceway, California. The photo of the black Lamborghini and Motorhome were taken in the pit area. Monster Energy drink anyone? The Corvette C7R was shot at the bottom of the “corkscrew” on the Laguna Seca Raceway track. These photos can be used for any merchandise or even for promotion and marketing.

Education And Analysis

Photographs can be used for education. They help racers understand what they are doing correct or how to improve.

Photos below show a red C8 Corvette Stingray on the back straight and a blue C8 Corvette Stingray showing the racing line on a corner, Stratotech Raceway, Alberta. The Suzuki GSXR shows the racer his “lean angle” going through a curve, Stratotech Raceway, Albert. The motocross racer is pointing at the camera as he clears a jump at Antler Lake Motocross Track, Alberta. Another motocross racer shows his skill and body positioning on a downhill landing at Antler Lake Motocross Track.