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Why Take Engagement Photos?

Because an engagement is a big deal.

An engagement is a big deal. It’s the precursor to a wedding, and the vows of a couple pledging to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s the time to let friends and families know that they are totally committed to one another. But, why take engagement photos?

One of the reasons couples like to take professionals pictures of the wedding engagement is simply because it’s the first official photo as a couple. The photo will be one worthy of hanging on the wall in the new home. In addition, it makes a great gift for family and friends that will also be looking forward to the impending nuptials.

Engagement photos are also a great way to find the perfect professional to record one of the biggest days in a couple’s life, their wedding. The engagement photographer will do a full photo shoot. He/she will likely suggest taking the couple to their favorite park, the place they got engaged or some other location that holds emotional significance.

During this time, the photographer will take more than one image, so the future bride and groom will have several proofs to choose from, when selecting the ultimate engagement picture. So, there will be ample opportunity to get to know his/her work, and decide whether this professional is the one they want to take the wedding pictures.

Edmonton Engagement photographer
Edmonton portrait and engagement photography
Edmonton Engagement photographer
Edmonton portrait and engagement photography
Edmonton Engagement photographer
Edmonton portrait and engagement photography

The Announcement

Many couples choose to take engagement photos specifically for the official announcement that will be published in the paper. Even though wedding invitations will be mailed a few weeks or even months before the wedding, the photo gives a few of the details about the couple.

The newspaper announcement is a great way to give information to those that might know only the bride or the groom. It gives loved ones a chance to see the couple together, even though they might live some distance away. Of course, the newspaper clipping will also be a great keepsake, and something that future descendants will like to see.

However, be sure to let the engagement photographer know if the picture will be used for a publication. It may determine the best place for the shoot to take place. Also, there might be an extra fee, since the photographer owns the rights to the photographs.

Capture Precious Memories Forever

Engagement photos are going to be filled with precious memories of the couple’s walk down memory lane, as the photos are being taken on location. Although these backgrounds will only hold special significance to the couple, the pictures are often the ones chosen to display later on, because they are more natural. The wedding photos will be great, but these images will find a homier place on the wall.

So, why take engagement photos? Even for couples that are planning a small wedding or want a private ceremony, the engagement pictures are often the first official act as a couple. The final image will sit on the mantel or next to the bed, published in the paper, and saved as a keepsake for generations. It’s also a great way to put a photographer to the test, before the big day.

Engagement photography sessions can range from the “classic” indoor studio or park location to any “off the wall” location.

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Edmonton portrait and engagement photographer
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