Bryan and Jocelyn Get Married

in the US Virgin Islands

Since we choose Darwin as our photographer, many of our guests and other friends of ours who were not in attendance but have seen our pictures and our friends pictures have also chosen him to be their photographer for their special days.

All in all directly and indirectly because of our wedding Darwin has photographed 9 weddings and counting of our friends and their families! This speaks volumes on what a fabulous photographer Darwin truly is!!

We are truly blessed to have met a man who is not only a phenomenal photographer but has become our friend as well!!

We can’t wait to renew our vows in 2019 knowing that we will once again have the most amazing photos and memories to cherish!! And while we wait for that to happen we will continue watching the amazing leaps and bounds he makes as he progresses towards an even more phenomenal photographer than he already is!!

Bryan & Jocelyn

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